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Adani Group Denies Knowledge of Subpoena to Investors Amidst Reports of US Authorities’ Action

Adani Group, the conglomerate led by billionaire Gautam Adani, responded on Friday to reports suggesting that US authorities had issued subpoenas to investors. The company firmly stated that it was not aware of any such subpoenas being issued by US authorities. Additionally, Adani Group reiterated its confidence in the disclosures it has made, assuring that they are comprehensive and thorough.

The market reaction to Bloomberg’s report was evident on Dalal Street, where several Adani stocks experienced a decline on Friday. The report indicated that US authorities were investigating the representations made by Adani Group to its American investors, following allegations made by US-based short seller Hindenburg. Hindenburg’s report accused the company of utilizing offshore entities to secretly manipulate its share prices.

Adani Group Asserts Confidence in Disclosures to Investors

Amidst the turbulence caused by the reports of US authorities’ actions, Adani Group remains steadfast in its position. The conglomerate stands by the disclosures it has provided to its investors and expresses confidence in their accuracy and completeness. Adani Group assures its investors that it has been transparent and forthcoming in sharing relevant information regarding its operations and financial standing.

Maintaining trust and transparency with investors is a top priority for Adani Group, and it aims to address any concerns arising from recent events by providing the necessary clarity and supporting documentation.

Market Impact: Adani Stocks Experience Decline

The news of US authorities scrutinizing Adani Group’s representations had an immediate impact on the market. Adani stocks faced a downturn on Dalal Street following the release of Bloomberg’s report. Investors reacted to the uncertainty surrounding the investigation, which raised questions about the integrity and stability of the company’s operations.

Market volatility is not uncommon when such investigations come to light, as investors tend to exercise caution and reassess their positions. It remains to be seen how the ongoing developments will unfold and whether Adani Group can restore investor confidence through transparent communication and appropriate actions.

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Allegations of Offshore Manipulation Cast Doubt on Adani Group

The allegations made by US-based short seller Hindenburg have cast a shadow of doubt on Adani Group’s practices. Hindenburg’s report claims that the company utilized offshore entities to secretly manipulate its share prices, painting a negative picture of the conglomerate’s integrity.

These allegations have triggered the attention of US authorities, leading to a deeper investigation into the representations made by Adani Group to its American investors. The outcome of this investigation will be crucial in determining the impact on the company’s reputation and the subsequent market response.

Adani Group’s Commitment to Upholding Integrity

In response to the allegations and ongoing investigation, Adani Group reiterates its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance. The conglomerate emphasizes its dedication to conducting business ethically and transparently, adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.

Adani Group assures its stakeholders that it will cooperate fully with the authorities involved in the investigation and provide any necessary information to address the concerns raised. The company remains focused on safeguarding the interests of its investors and restoring faith in its operations.


As Adani Group navigates through the aftermath of the reports regarding US authorities’ actions, it firmly denies any knowledge of subpoenas issued to investors. The conglomerate stands by the completeness and accuracy of its disclosures, expressing confidence in its communication with stakeholders. However, the market reaction has been visible, with Adani stocks experiencing a decline. The ongoing investigation and allegations of offshore manipulation have raised