Greater Indian presence in the Suez region welcome: Israeli expert on PM  Modi's Egypt visit - The Hindu

Indian Presence in Suez Region Welcomed by Israeli Expert Ahead of PM Modi’s Egypt Visit

Anat Bernstein-Reich, an advocate of India-Israel economic ties and the head of the India-Israel Chamber of Commerce, expressed her support for India’s increased presence in the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to Cairo. Her remarks highlight the potential positive influence of India’s engagement in the Mediterranean region.

Ms. Bernstein-Reich emphasized that India’s presence in the SCZONE, following its involvement in the Haifa port, would contribute to the development and prosperity of the Mediterranean region. This expanded presence enables India to adopt a two-pronged approach, strengthening its economic ties not only with the Mediterranean but also with the West.

The Suez Canal Economic Zone plays a crucial role in global trade, serving as a vital maritime route and a significant economic hub. India’s increased engagement in this region can open up new avenues for economic cooperation, trade partnerships, and investment opportunities. It showcases India’s commitment to expanding its footprints on the global stage and leveraging its strategic partnerships to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Egypt underscores the importance India attaches to its relations with countries in the Mediterranean region. It provides an opportunity to explore avenues for collaboration, enhance diplomatic ties, and strengthen economic linkages. The visit holds the promise of advancing India’s engagement in the Mediterranean region and deepening cooperation on various fronts, including trade, technology, and cultural exchange.

India’s multifaceted approach to the region aligns with its vision of fostering inclusive growth and forging strategic alliances with nations sharing common interests and values. The Mediterranean region presents immense potential for mutually beneficial partnerships, and India’s expanded presence in the SCZONE will further enhance its reach and influence.

As India continues to expand its global presence and strengthen its economic ties, the positive endorsement from an Israeli expert highlights the recognition of India’s growing role as a significant player in international affairs. The visit of Prime Minister Modi to Egypt serves as a platform to further enhance bilateral relations, explore avenues for cooperation, and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

In conclusion, Anat Bernstein-Reich’s positive remarks about India’s increased presence in the Suez region ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Egypt underline the potential benefits of such engagement. India’s participation in the SCZONE and its two-pronged approach to the Mediterranean and the West demonstrate its commitment to deepening economic ties and fostering positive influence in the region. The visit holds the promise of strengthening India’s partnerships and contributing to the mutual growth and development of nations in the Mediterranean region.