Indonesian president warns ASEAN 'can't be proxy' of any country - The Hindu

Jakarta, Indonesia – President Joko Widodo of Indonesia issued a strong warning on Friday, emphasizing that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) must not become a proxy for any other country, particularly as tensions between the United States and China escalate in the Asia-Pacific region. The statement came as Foreign Ministers from ASEAN member states convened in Jakarta to address various regional issues, including the South China Sea dispute and the crisis in Myanmar.

President Joko Widodo reiterated the commitment of ASEAN to enhancing unity and solidarity within the bloc. He underscored the importance of maintaining the independence and autonomy of the Southeast Asian region, cautioning against allowing external powers to exploit ASEAN as a proxy or instrument in their own geopolitical interests. The President’s remarks reflected the collective determination of ASEAN member states to navigate regional challenges while safeguarding their sovereignty and promoting peace and stability.

One of the pressing concerns discussed during the ASEAN meeting was the South China Sea dispute, where China claims vast territorial control. The region has witnessed growing tensions due to competing territorial claims and strategic interests of various nations. President Widodo’s statement aimed to emphasize that ASEAN would not allow itself to be manipulated or coerced by external forces and would instead seek diplomatic and peaceful solutions to the complex issues in the region.

Additionally, the crisis in Myanmar, with China serving as the primary ally of the ruling junta, was another critical topic on the agenda. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers explored avenues to address the political and humanitarian challenges in Myanmar and reiterated the importance of upholding democratic principles and promoting the well-being of the Myanmar people.

The President’s remarks resonated with the ASEAN Foreign Ministers, who expressed their commitment to charting an independent and unified path in addressing regional issues. The discussions aimed to foster greater cooperation, dialogue, and understanding among member states while preserving ASEAN’s principles of non-interference and mutual respect.

President Widodo’s call for ASEAN to maintain its independence serves as a reminder that the region plays a vital role in shaping its own future. By upholding unity and solidarity, ASEAN can effectively navigate the complex dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region and act as a constructive force in promoting peace, stability, and economic progress.

In conclusion, President Joko Widodo’s warning against ASEAN becoming a proxy for any country underscores the bloc’s commitment to maintaining its independence and autonomy. The discussions among ASEAN Foreign Ministers highlighted the importance of unity, solidarity, and non-interference in addressing regional challenges, including the South China Sea dispute and the crisis in Myanmar. As ASEAN navigates the complexities of the Asia-Pacific region, it strives to uphold its principles while promoting cooperation, dialogue, and a peaceful resolution of conflicts.