What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a leading managed hosting firm available on the market. Their hosting services are especially optimized for popular programs such as WordPress, WooCommerce, superior company email, and more. As an IsItWP consumer, you are going to find an exclusive 50% discount with your Liquid Web plans.

Let`s discuss the experts views on benefits and drawbacks of liquid web hosting


  • Speedy Hosting – All Liquid Internet’s hosting Apps are optimized for quick page loads.

Many customer testimonials mention how fast their hosting is.

  • No Plugin Limitations – Unlike other managed WordPress hosting suppliers, Liquid Web doesn’t ban any plugins. It is possible to utilize some WordPress plugins that you want on your site.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Liquid Web guarantees an incredible 100% uptime and will provide you 1000% fee for any downtime.
  • Heroic Service – Liquid Internet’s claim to fame is their leading support. Customers rave about how friendly, friendly, and proficient the service team is.


Liquid Web Hosting



  • No Shared Hosting – Liquid Internet does not offer any shared hosting applications. Their target audience consists of higher-traffic sites which need handled WordPress hostinghosting, or dedicated server hosting.
  • No money-back Guarantee – Liquid Web doesn’t offer you some money back warranty. But you are not under any contract and can cancel your service at any moment. If you prepaid, you are still able to receive a refund for any full month of service that you do not use. You merely need to supply them notice before the month in query begins.
  • Greater Costs – Liquid Web’s hosting plans are more costly than many cheap hosting providers, but you get what you pay for high quality of service and support.


Liquid Web has recently launched a managed WooCommerce hosting agency , which allows you to construct a resource-heavy eCommerce shop without needing to spend your money and resources on optimizing your servers. Contrary to other WooCommerce hosting providers, Liquid Web has built a separate set of WooCommerce tables to manage and store purchase data for fostering server performance.


Overview of Liquid Web Hosting Options

Liquid Web’s hosting packages are excellent options geared toward mission-critical websites and applications. Besides colocation services and custom solutions for business clients, Liquid Web offers the following packaged hosting options:

WordPress Hosting

  • Has been especially tweaked to maximize your sites’ performance and guarantee security
  • Doesn’t restrict the Amount of traffic to your Website or the number of plugins that you use
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Automatic SSL
  • Full server access
  • Developer tools


Liquid Web Hosting


Migration Support and Additional Features

While Liquid Web does not provide services that get your site up and running, such as design and site creation, they do provide migration assistance of your existing WordPress sites to the Liquid Internet’s servers.

Packages include SSL certificates, tracking, automated backups, load balancing, and site optimization, and pricing is dependent on the number of WordPress sites you’re hosting.

VPS Hosting

Ideal for those seeking dedicated hosting equivalent control, but using the more affordable characteristics of a VPS server. These plans are the closest choices to your budget-friendly solution.

All plans come standard with the following attributes :

  • Instant provisioning
  • Free bandwidth for incoming traffic; 5 TB of bandwidth for outgoing traffic
  • Daily billing, so you simply pay for what you use along with easy scalability for upgrades and downgrades
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Firewalls
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Constructed Regional copies
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • ServerSecure
  • Excellent, 24/7 service
  • SSD RAID 1 Principal forces

Liquid Web HostingDedicated Hosting

Irrespective of which of Liquid Web’s data centers You Decide to host your site, your dedicated hosting plan includes the following:

  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • ServerSecure
  • 24/7 sonar monitoring
  • Excellent, 24/7 support
  • SSD RAID 1 primary forces
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Built-in Regional backups
  • Gigabit uplink
  • CloudFlare CDN


Testing Liquid Web has been a really enjoyable and easy procedure. I had no experience with them before writing this review, but the company made sure that I was happy as among their customers.

I especially enjoyed the fact that 20 minutes later subscribing to one of the strategies, Liquid Web sent me an email inviting me to log in to my new WordPress site that they have created and configured to me. The site was completely ready, permalinks were put up, and also a functioning SSL certificate was configured from the site.


Liquid Web Hosting


My contacts with the support team were fantastic, and the company kept its 24/7 365 days a year availability guarantee. The bandwidth and site load speed are excellent, as a result of the fast SSD drives utilized on servers.

LiquidWeb is not the cheapest host around, but it is undoubtedly among the best offers in terms of performance, speed, and support in the marketplace of today.