Maye Musk has THIS advice for son Elon before cage fight with Zuckerberg

Maye Musk’s Advice to Elon Before Cage Fight with Zuckerberg

In the midst of a lighthearted exchange, Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, has shared some valuable advice with her son ahead of a potential cage fight against Mark Zuckerberg. The playful banter originated on Twitter when Elon responded to the news of Meta’s plan to launch a competitor to Twitter called Threads. Reports indicated that Meta aimed to directly challenge Twitter’s dominance with this new platform.

Expressing his eagerness to settle their differences inside a ring, Elon Musk suggested a cage match with Zuckerberg if the latter agrees. Interestingly, Zuckerberg himself recently emerged victorious in the Jiu Jitsu championship. Concerned for her son’s safety, Maye Musk felt compelled to offer her own suggestion.

Taking to Twitter, Maye Musk wrote, “Let’s keep it light-hearted. Engage in a verbal battle only. Seated in comfortable armchairs, with a distance of 4 feet between you. The one who tickles the funny bone the most shall emerge victorious.” Her statement served as a direct response to Elon’s proposal of a face-off in the “Vegas Octagon,” specifically the UFC Apex arena located in Las Vegas.