Russia is likely to cancel July's Moscow air show as sanctions affect  attendees and import of parts – Queen City News

Moscow Air Show Likely to be Cancelled Due to Sanctions and Security Concerns

Russia is expected to cancel this year’s Moscow air show, a prominent event for showcasing new warplanes and facilitating aerospace contracts, according to a senior official from the organizing agency. Viktor Kladov, the director for international cooperation at Rostec, the state-owned defense conglomerate, stated that the show is highly likely to be postponed this year. The event was originally scheduled to take place at the end of July.

While Kladov did not provide a specific reason for the decision, earlier reports in Russian media indicated that the cancellation could be attributed to Western sanctions imposed on Russia in relation to the conflict in Ukraine. These sanctions would likely result in reduced international participation and have also impacted the supply of parts to manufacturers.

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The reports also mentioned concerns about security following drone attacks that targeted the Kremlin and the outskirts of Moscow in May. The potential security risks associated with hosting the air show may have influenced the decision to postpone the event.

The decline in international attendance at Russia’s annual investment showcase, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, following Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine in February 2022, was noted as another factor that could contribute to the reduced participation in the Moscow air show.

As of now, the cancellation of the Moscow air show has not been officially confirmed, but the remarks made by the Rostec official indicate a strong possibility of the event being called off for this year.