US remains deeply confident in India's diversification of defence equipment:  Pentagon | Deccan Herald

Pentagon Reaffirms Confidence in India’s Defense Equipment Diversification

The Pentagon has reiterated its unwavering confidence in India’s ongoing efforts to diversify its military equipment, emphasizing the significance of Washington’s proposal for industrial cooperation to foster closer integration between the defense industries of both nations. Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, speaking at a press conference on June 20, highlighted the U.S.’s support for its partners and allies in refraining from engaging in transactions with Russia.

The United States maintains a deep and abiding confidence in India’s commitment to diversify its defense equipment, recognizing the importance of reducing reliance on any single source. India’s ongoing efforts to expand its defense capabilities through diversification align with Washington’s objectives of promoting strategic autonomy and bolstering regional stability. The Pentagon commends India’s pursuit of diversified defense procurement, which enhances interoperability and strengthens bilateral defense ties.

The proposal for industrial cooperation put forth by the United States holds great promise for further deepening the collaboration between the defense industries of both countries. By fostering closer integration, sharing technological advancements, and facilitating joint research and development initiatives, the U.S. aims to support India in building a robust domestic defense manufacturing base. Such cooperation can bolster India’s self-reliance in defense production while promoting a mutually beneficial defense industrial partnership.

In line with its broader strategic interests, the United States actively encourages all its partners and allies, including India, to exercise caution in conducting defense transactions with Russia. This approach stems from concerns over Russia’s behavior and activities, which have prompted international consensus on the importance of ensuring responsible defense sourcing. The U.S. seeks to promote a unified front among its partners in advancing responsible defense trade practices and minimizing the potential risks associated with transactions involving certain countries.

The partnership between the United States and India is built on shared values, mutual respect, and a common vision for regional peace and stability. Through continuous dialogue, information sharing, and defense cooperation, both countries strive to strengthen their strategic ties and enhance their defense capabilities. The Pentagon’s reaffirmation of confidence in India’s defense equipment diversification underscores the enduring commitment to fostering a strong and mutually beneficial defense partnership.

US remains deeply confident in India's diversification of defence equipment:  Pentagon

As India continues to expand its defense capabilities, the United States stands ready to support its efforts through various avenues, including defense technology transfer, joint military exercises, and capacity-building initiatives. By working together, the two countries can further deepen their defense cooperation, contribute to regional security, and advance shared objectives in the Indo-Pacific region.

The U.S.-India defense partnership serves as a cornerstone of stability and security, promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific. By reinforcing trust, deepening cooperation, and upholding the principles of transparency and responsible defense sourcing, both nations can strengthen their respective defense postures and contribute to a rules-based international order.

The Pentagon’s endorsement of India’s diversification of defense equipment reflects the shared commitment to advancing peace, security, and prosperity in the region. As India continues on its path of defense modernization and self-reliance, the United States will remain a steadfast partner, offering support, expertise, and cooperation to further enhance the defense capabilities of both nations.