New and glorious journey of India-U.S. ties has begun, says PM Modi; Tamil  studies chair to be established at the University of Houston - The Hindu

PM Modi: A New Era Begins in India-U.S. Relations, University of Houston to Establish Tamil Studies Chair

Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his four-day state visit to the United States, affirming that a new and remarkable chapter has commenced in the India-U.S. bilateral relationship. Speaking at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, PM Modi addressed an enthusiastic gathering of Indian community members, emphasizing the untapped potential of the partnership between the two nations.

PM Modi expressed his belief that the world is witnessing the strengthening of bonds between the two great democracies, as they work together to create a better world. The Prime Minister acknowledged that there is still much to be realized in terms of the partnership’s full potential.

In addition to the positive developments in India-U.S. relations, an exciting announcement was made during PM Modi’s visit. The University of Houston will establish a Tamil Studies Chair, highlighting the significance of Tamil language and culture. This initiative aims to promote academic research and cultural understanding of Tamil heritage within the United States.

The establishment of a Tamil Studies Chair at the University of Houston is a testament to the growing recognition and appreciation of the rich cultural diversity of India. It provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and students to delve into the study of Tamil language, literature, history, and art, fostering a deeper understanding of this ancient civilization.

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By encouraging the study of Tamil culture and heritage, the University of Houston’s initiative contributes to the global promotion of multiculturalism and intellectual exchange. It opens doors for collaboration between Indian and American academia, facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge.

As India and the United States embark on this new journey in their bilateral relations, the establishment of the Tamil Studies Chair represents a significant milestone. It signifies the commitment of both nations to fostering cultural understanding and strengthening educational ties.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States marks the beginning of an auspicious era in India-U.S. relations. The untapped potential of the partnership between the two countries holds immense promise. Additionally, the establishment of a Tamil Studies Chair at the University of Houston underscores the importance of cultural exchange and academic research in promoting diversity and understanding. The future looks bright as India and the United States forge ahead on this path of strengthened collaboration and mutual respect.