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PM’s Visit to Egypt Mosque Conveys a Message to India’s Dawoodi Bohra Muslims

In a significant gesture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a visit to the historic Imam al-Hakim bi Amr Allah Mosque in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. This nearly 1,000-year-old architectural marvel holds profound significance not only for the Egyptian capital but also for a community of Muslims in India. The PM’s deep and longstanding bond with the Dawoodi Bohras, nurtured over the years, adds a special connection to this memorable occasion.

The mosque, after undergoing extensive renovations spanning six years, has been reopened to the public. This ambitious restoration project, undertaken by the Egyptian government’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, forms a part of a larger endeavor to enhance tourism to Cairo’s Islamic sites. Notably, the Dawoodi Bohra community contributed to the funding of these renovations, a gesture that has earned them Prime Minister Modi’s heartfelt gratitude. He has often expressed his appreciation for their support and their commitment to patriotism, adherence to the law, and love for peace. For the Dawoodi Bohra community residing in Cairo, the mosque stands as a cherished cultural site.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Imam al-Hakim bi Amr Allah Mosque carries deep symbolism and sends a powerful message to the Dawoodi Bohra Muslims in India. It underscores the enduring friendship and the shared values between the PM and this community. Over the years, PM Modi has fostered a strong and warm relationship with the Dawoodi Bohras, a testament to his inclusive approach and commitment to harmony.

PM Modi To Visit 11th Century Al-Hakim Mosque In Egypt

The Dawoodi Bohras, residing in various parts of India, have played a vital role in the socio-economic fabric of the nation. Their contributions have been acknowledged by the Prime Minister, who has lauded their dedication and assistance in the governance of Gujarat, the state he led before assuming office at the national level. The PM’s association with the Dawoodi Bohras extends beyond political affiliations; it reflects a genuine bond built on mutual respect and shared aspirations.

The Imam al-Hakim bi Amr Allah Mosque serves as a cultural anchor for the Dawoodi Bohra community in Cairo. Its rich historical legacy and architectural grandeur are a source of pride and reverence. Prime Minister Modi’s visit to this sacred place exemplifies his reverence for cultural heritage and his commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding.

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As the Prime Minister steps foot in the hallowed grounds of the ancient mosque, his presence resonates with the Dawoodi Bohra Muslims in India. It reaffirms their faith in a leader who values their contributions and embraces diversity. The visit is a testament to the PM’s outreach efforts, promoting inclusivity and fostering harmonious relations with different communities.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Imam al-Hakim bi Amr Allah Mosque in Cairo holds immense significance, particularly for India’s Dawoodi Bohra Muslims. The shared history, values, and mutual respect between the PM and the community strengthen the bond further. This momentous occasion signifies the importance of cultural heritage, interfaith understanding, and the Prime Minister’s commitment to inclusivity.