Chilling Secrets Unveiled: South Korean woman kills her newborns, stores  body in freezer for years-World News , Firstpost

Shocking Revelation: South Korean Woman Commits Infanticide, Preserves Bodies in Freezer

In a chilling and tragic turn of events, a South Korean woman has been accused of taking the lives of two of her newborn infants and preserving their bodies in her freezer for an extended period of time.

Reports indicate that the police have sought an arrest warrant from the court to apprehend and investigate the woman in question.

A spokesperson from the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police revealed to CNN that the woman, in her thirties, confessed to the killings, attributing economic difficulties in raising her existing three children, aged 12, 10, and 8.

The distressing incidents occurred shortly after the newborns’ birth, with the first victim being the woman’s fourth child, born in November 2018 at a hospital, as confirmed by an official statement.

According to the police, the woman allegedly strangled her newborn daughter just one day after giving birth and concealed the lifeless body within the freezer of her residence. Tragically, her fifth child, a boy born in November 2019, met the same fate.

The woman’s husband, reportedly unaware of the alleged murders, believed that the two children had been aborted, as per the police’s account.

The case came to light in May when the Board of Audit and Inspection discovered that the births of the infants had never been officially registered, despite the hospital maintaining records of the deliveries.

Upon this revelation, the local government, Suwon City Hall, was promptly notified and subsequently requested a police investigation after the mother declined an on-site inspection.

On June 21, a search and seizure operation was conducted by law enforcement authorities at the woman’s residence. During this process, she confessed to the heinous acts of infanticide. A hearing regarding the arrest warrant is scheduled for Friday.

The shocking nature of this incident has sent shockwaves throughout the community, raising questions about the mental state of the woman and the support available for struggling parents. The investigation will delve further into the circumstances surrounding these tragic events, aiming to provide justice for the innocent lives lost and shed light on the underlying factors contributing to such devastating actions.