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Starbucks Workers Union Strikes Back Against Company’s Handling of Pride Displays

In a recent turn of events, the Starbucks Workers Union is gearing up for a series of strikes at 150 Starbucks locations. The reason behind this bold move? The union claims that there is a contentious issue regarding the display of decor supporting LBGTQ+ causes. However, Starbucks vehemently denies any allegations of banning such displays and instead accuses the union of spreading misinformation as a strategic tactic during ongoing labor negotiations.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Starbucks Workers United announced that approximately 3,500 employees will participate in the strike over the next week, with the flagship store in Seattle leading the charge.

This is not the first time the union has attempted to establish a presence within Starbucks. Over 358 Starbucks stores have already filed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board, seeking union elections and hoping to solidify their foothold within the company. The battle between the Starbucks Workers Union and the coffee giant continues to escalate, leaving both sides eager to assert their respective positions.

Starbucks Workers Union: Taking a Stand for LGBTQ+ Support

Amidst brewing tension, the Starbucks Workers Union is raising its voice in a bid to protect the interests of its members. The crux of the issue lies in the alleged clash between the union and Starbucks management over the prominent display of decor supporting LBGTQ+ causes. While the company firmly denies any involvement in banning such displays, the union claims that Starbucks’ actions speak louder than words.

As a response to what they perceive as a lack of support from the company, the Starbucks Workers Union has decided to stage a series of strikes. Commencing with the iconic flagship location in Seattle, approximately 3,500 workers are expected to participate in this powerful demonstration of solidarity. The strike, spanning over a week, aims to shed light on the alleged mishandling of LBGTQ+ displays by Starbucks.

A Battle for Recognition: Starbucks Union Elections on the Horizon

The struggle between the Starbucks Workers Union and the coffee behemoth has been ongoing, with unionization efforts gaining momentum in recent times. In a bid to secure their rights and ensure fair treatment, at least 358 Starbucks stores have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for union elections. These petitions serve as a testament to the growing discontent among Starbucks employees and their desire to have a collective voice in shaping their working conditions.

While the outcomes of these petitions are yet to be determined, the battle for union representation within Starbucks remains fierce. The ongoing strikes and the growing number of stores seeking union elections indicate that Starbucks workers are determined to bring about change and assert their rights in the face of management.

The Company’s Response: Denial and Accusations

In response to the Starbucks Workers Union’s claims, the company firmly denies any wrongdoing and dismisses the allegations as baseless. According to Starbucks, there has been no ban on the display of decor supporting LBGTQ+ causes, and the union’s accusations are nothing more than a misinformation campaign aimed at gaining leverage in labor negotiations.

Starbucks management contends that they have always upheld a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, both in their stores and within their corporate culture. They emphasize that the union’s claims do not align with the company’s values and maintain that they have not impeded the promotion of LBGTQ+ causes through their decor.


The clash between the Starbucks Workers Union and the coffee giant intensifies as strikes loom on the horizon. The union’s grievances revolve around the alleged mishandling of LBGTQ+ displays, while Starbucks denies any involvement in banning such decor