Background of Leadpages

We can guarantee virtually all of you have struck a Leadpages landing page or pop up before (probably without knowing it). They are those with all the animated progress bar consistently at 50%, urging you on with “Almost There!”

Leadpages is a significant participant in landing page builders (they say “The Number 1 Landing Page Builder”). Leadpages are omnipresent. In addition they possess other lead-capturing tools such as SMS opt-in which we will cover.

The goal is usually to capture a customer’s email address in exchange for an item like a webinar or e-book. Since you’re likely knowledgeable about the web, let us proceed.

Ow, the engine of any landing page tool is the builder (also called an editor). This is where you transform a generic template into your customized landing page. Regrettably, we had major challenges and frustrations with this facet of Leadpages. It’s a shame because they have some wonderful other features. But if the motor (or editor in this instance ) is not acceptable, the car isn’t an option.

One thing to note is that Leadpages (the firm ) is quite much in transition as we speak. This is a significant paradigm shift for them. In July, Leadpages acquired Drip, a lightweight SMB marketing automation tool. Weeks later, Leadpages laid off 12% of its employees (because of reorganization not financial difficulties). Maybe all this turbulence is starting to influence the item.


What Is Leadpages


So we can cut them some slack, but all of this is irrelevant to what tool you buy.

They’re the largest SaaS landing page tool. Over 43,000 customers utilize the tool. They obtained $27 million in funding this past year. Leadpages is not going anyplace.

However, being #1 in dimension does not mean using the best product. There are many landing page builders out now. Many are a fraction of Leadpages pricing.

  • Lets discuss the Pros and Cons of Leadpages


  • Leadpages Comes with an easy-to-use inteface.
  • Page-building elements are drag and drop, similar to some versions of WordPress, so it is pretty easy for a newbie to select up with very little training.
  • Leadpages makes it easy to embed multimedia with simply an embed code. You don’t need to know HTML to bring your pages to life with video, audio, etc..


  • While the majority of the editing functions are easy to figure out, some of the finer details to acquire spacing, sizing, alignment and layout just right can take some trial and error if you don’t have formal training in the tool. A lot of the editing tools are dropped into sections, and locating just what you’re looking for can sometimes be a challenge.
  • I do not feel the version we used had a page optimizer or optimization rating, which I’ve observed on other landing page builders. This might be a feature of a more superior version of the instrument or may have been turned off by the product manager, but it would be a beneficial feature.
  • Likelihood to Recommend

 Leadpages is great for a Promotion team that has a high volume of landing page needs.

It is very good for deputizing subscribers and letting them take ownership of their attempts without sacrificing consistency. Leadpages is also a good starting point for basic page building for someone who does not have web development skills. It is not ideal, but if there is no one to manage the layout guidelines. It may open a can of worms, so to speak, by providing users a great deal of freedom to manipulate layout, so if it is being used by numerous individuals and brand consistency is an issue, it is best to have someone familiar with new criteria create templates so that other users do not violate criteria.

What Is Leadpages

  • Support Rating


I never needed to use support for Leadpages, therefore that I can’t talk to the service offered. I also never encountered any problems that demanded reaching out for assistance.