With Square Online, you can create a professional web site to showcase your business online, sell your own items, and accept payments with Square. With our easy-to-use site builder, spend less time setting up Square Online, and much more time focusing on what matters most: your small business.

Should you need to start processing payments straight away, you can skip account confirmation and finish it afterwards with provisional activation.

To sell individual items without putting up an internet store, consider Square Online Checkout hyperlinks . Checkout links allow you to sell things through email, social networking, or by hosting them in your own blog.


Why You Need Square Online


Things in Square Online

Items synced to your Square Online store can be changed to 7 different item types, therefore feel free to decide on an item type that fits your objective. We assist you by providing special fields and layouts perfectly suited to every item type.

Physical – Best for fundamental retail items like clothing or jewellery.

Digital – enables you to supply a digital file for download.

Donation – Allow site visitors to send donations for almost any cause.

Membership – Collect membership dues and registration fees. Perfect for classes and clubs.

Event – Sell tickets to events, and comprise place address and times.

Service – Best for services for hire, like massages and hair styling.

Ready food and drink – best for restaurants or other food places.

How to Set Up Your Square Online

So, how do you actually establish a successful Square Online?

The fantastic news is it’s a lot easier than you might think. Loading up a new account, credit card processing, accepting orders and record products are all designed to be easy actions with Square. On top of that, you get a free online store included with your accounts when you sign up for the Square POS, which means you essentially anyone who’s busy with Square can use one.


Why You Need Square Online


Here’s a step-by-step of what you’ll need to do.

Step 1: Establish Your Square Online Account

The first thing you need to do is set up your free online account.

Your account is where you go to find access to each of the valuable features of the Square dashboard, such as shop controls and essential details about your merchandise. You’ll only want an email address and password to begin. But, Square will request where you’re located.

Step 2:Creating Your URL

Once you’re successfully logged in, it’s time to be certain people may find you online. That usually means choosing an URL for your shop. Using the”title” section from the Settings Screen, enter the name of your ecommerce website, and you will automatically receive an URL hosted from the Square domain name.

Step 3: Fill out the Important Information

In the Settings screen of the Square Online, you’ll also have to complete some other important details. As an example, if you’re going to be shipping and delivering orders placed on the internet, then you’re likely to need to install delivery information, shipping fees, and relevant info.

If the prices of the items you’re selling needs to add a markup to cover transport and delivery, you can choose free shipping. Most customers prefer this option, therefore it may be a fantastic way to boost your chances of some excess online sales.

Step 4: Set up your Online Store Theme

Once you’re done filling out the”Settings” part of your Square Online, it is time to begin creating an appearance for your site that actually makes you stand out. Fortunately, Square simplifies the process of adapting your shop’s design. All you need to do to get started is click on”Edit Store” in the dashboard.

The initial step is to choose a theme or layout for your store. You can try different online themes and design your site to fit your brand image. You’ll also have the ability to change to other topics once your ecommerce site has successfully launched.

The most important difference between the available themes about the Square Online, is that the size of this header as well as the featured images contained. Square recommends using specific graphics sizes for each motif that will help you out.

Step 5: Transform your Website

With your theme selected, you can begin editing according to your needs. Square will walk you through the process of editing your own theme with a series of simple directions, and therefore you don’t need to be concerned about figuring out how to build a shop from scratch.

In case you have logos to include as an example, it’s as simple as clicking the area that says, “Insert Logo”. You could also upload the hero picture of your website to the Feature Image space. This becomes the primary home screen image for your website. Once you’re prepared, scroll towards the bottom of your Store Editor display. In this part of the website, upload your product images or other images to appear beside your organization Hours and Contact details.

Step 6: Start Listing your Products

As with most things in the world of the Square Online, including thing listings into your ecommerce website is easy. Together with Square, all your products will be monitored using a central item library, so no matter where you decide to sell your items, your online sales and data will be available within the Square POS.

The centralized approach that Square takes to internet shop management is part of making it so easy to successfully market together with your Square Online. You can even change settings with each of your items available as and when you choose. You will also be able to pull things into your internet shop listings directly from the Shop editor screen.

Step 6: Launch your New Online Store

Finally, with all your products successfully recorded, you’ll be prepared to launch your online store. Yet again, this is an easy process, simply scroll up to the top of the Store Editor Webpage and then click on the green “Launch” button. Square will automatically upload your store and make it live within seconds.


Why You Need Square Online


From there, selling is simple.

Your free shop will be open for business, and you’ll have the ability to start selling in no time. You can find even advertising tools built into the Square POS, such as the Square email marketing feature which may help you to convert your clients going forward.


Square is the best alternative for individuals or businesses wanting to expand and sell online. The free program has quite a lot of features for beginners and professionals, permitting to start a company with no initial investment. It’s a simple and quite easy to use – but beware, it has limited customization options, compared to other competitors.